Vault Removals Service

Vault Removals Service from Kwik Fab Ltd

Let the expert team at Kwik Fab Ltd in Birmingham help you with your personal or commercial Vault Removals needs.


Here at Kwik Fab Ltd, we are experienced to professionally manage all the required stages of your vault removal across long or short distance.

For customer satisfaction and piece of mind, we offer a full removal service.

Our fully trained and experienced vault movers team will safely remove your vault from its current position, securely packages it to avoid damage (to the vault or the surrounding area) on its journey, safely deliver it and install and secure it at your new office or home.

Because of our years of safe and vault removal experience, Kwik Fab Ltd will never sub-contract to any other companies. In this way, we will ensure that your vault will arrive in the same condition it was collected.

Only we can provide you with a complete vault removal service that will allow you to have as hassel-free as move as possible.

To help remove your vault, we have a fully trained team with a variety of specialised and tested equipment to guarantee that the job is done professionally and safely.

We will en-devour to place your vault where ever it has to go! Up or down stairs, through awkward or occupied spaces, let the team at Kwik Fab Ltd take the strain.

For more details about our Vault Removals services, contact the team at Kwik Fab Ltd

Safe Installation Service

Safe Installation Services 

Why cause yourself unnessesary stress and strain when installing your safe, contact the Kwik Fab Ltd team

We are here to help with your safe installation requirements for your business or home

We would ask you to consider the following when your looking to remove or install a safe or security cabinet

  • What route to take either – in and out.  Door widths & heights need to be measured & examined carefully in order to get the safe through.
  • Floor stability canalso be over looked. Safes can often exceed maximum weight limits of floor supports, they may need to be propped or supported by additional weight equipment.
  • Flooring covers (like tiling) don’t bend under heavy placement loads so are likely to crack if not protected.
  • Steps up or down can be problematic. Stability of the safe and the health an safety of those moving the safe is very important – time & care needs to be taken to avoid accidents. Gradients & uneven ground present obvious problems with control.
  • In some instances, Windows can be extracted when installing safes on upper floors if the frames can be removed easy enough and access is possible.
  • Cranes can be used to get the safe through the window (size dependant) which will avoid damaging lifts or struggling with stairs. The Kwik Fab team will always carry out a site survey to best judge any obstacles that could present a issue.
  • If a safe has been in your business for some time, building and office developements and changes since the original installation may prevent easy relocation. On some occasions, brick & studded walls need to be removed.

For more details about our safe installation services or a free quotation, contact Kwik Fab today