Gun Safe Movers

Kwik Fab Ltd have the skills and experience and the heavy lifting equipment to safely move any gun safe.

Moving a large gun safe can be very hazardous to those without the right equipment or experience. Just one slip can cause damage that cannot be repaired, not only to safe being moved, but also to the surrounding areas and to the mover themselves.

From our experience, this is always a task best left to the safe moving professionals with the best heavy duty mechanical equipment.

Kwik Fab Ltd has a team dedicated to moving gun safes.

We have the best motorised moving dolly’s and special trucks equipped with a lifting arm capable of uploading up to 3,500 lbs each time.

We find that most moving companies say they can handle these difficult safe moving jobs until the move day. Arriving and not being able to perform the move to the highest standards possible.

Kwik Fab Ltd will perform a site visit so you can be ensured we can handle your move.

We have been moving gun safes since we began. Kwik Fab will protect your safe with the utmost care and attention, including laying safe guards on your floors to protect them, padding the gun safe to protect your walls.

Our special equipment allows our team of gun safe moving experts to navigate stairs and landing ares with precision.

Contact Kwik Fab Ltd to get your gun safe moved securely and safely.