Security Cabinet Removals

Kwik Fab Ltd are your number one choice for Security Cabinet Removals in Birmingham

Security cabinets are designed not to be moved, so if yours has been properly installed you will require expert help to remove it.

A well installed security cabinet will be strongly attached to the infrastructure of your building and usually requires specialist equipment to relocate it.

Kwik Fab Ltd have all the specialist equipment and experience to remove any type of Security Cabinet.

Our staff are experts in the field of security cabinet removals. We have years of experience working with all sizes of security cabinets, in a huge variety of locations. We have all the equipment and know-how to remove your security cabinet quickly and efficiently, tidying up as we go.

What to consider before removing or relocating a security cabinet

Kwik Fab will always carry out a site visit to assess the task before carrying out any work. It is important to consider the following factors which could affect the removal:

  • Is the cabinet located on the ground floor or upper floor?
  • Is there a clear access route – any narrow doors or curved staircases to negotiate?
  • If a lift is to be used, what are the maximum weight restrictions?
  • Is there suitable vehicle access and how close to the building can we park?
  • Are there any other hazards such as asbestos or unsafe structural elements?

By allowing our experts to carry out the work on your behalf, you will gain the peace of mind of knowing that you are in safe hands.

Maybe you want to move an existing cabinet to a new location, or replace it with a brand new safe. If so, please take a look at our specialist safe installation services.

If you have a security cabinet installed which you no longer need, or one that has been left in place by the previous owner of your building – call us for a free quotation.