Safe Transport

The team at Kwik Fab are here to help you transport your safe to your new home or office.

We don’t need to tell you that safes are cumbersome and heavy. And for good reason, they are not meant easy to move.

  • Safes are reinforced with additional metal to protect the content from unauthorised entry.
  • Fire safes are build with fire protection materials to prevent heat and flames from damaging the content inside.
  • From our experience, the more expensive the safe, the heavier it seems to be.

Why risk injuring yourself by transporting the safe yourself?

Transporting a safe can involve moving it across your office or shop or even to an entirely new location. For the larger distance jobs, Kwik Fab use a flat bed truck. These vehicles offer larger decks to be able to accommodate several heavier safes if required.

With your safe securely strapped in, we will ensure that the vault arrives safe and sound! Pun intended.

Moving the safe around the shop or positioning the safe in the end-user’s location can require heavy duty moving equipment. We have all the equipment required to ensure a professional job.

Kwik Fab handles the transport of your safes. Our years of experience allows us to accept the challenge of safe transporting. Safes weighing from hundreds of pounds to up to several tons using stairs and windows. We can also guarantee the professional anchoring of your safe in its new location.

For more details or to get a quote for your safe transportation requirements, contact Kwik Fab today.